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Road on Which Cornerians Die by TheSual Road on Which Cornerians Die by TheSual
Before Star Wolf, there was Tiberi Kan.

Is it truly safe to exit the ejection pod?

A youth somewhere in Lylat will be asking why daddy isn't coming home.

Aban Mkinrou met his demise after thinking he could take on Tiberi Kan.

Their rivalry began years earlier, before Mkinrou Jr. was born.

It began as an addendum to the rivalry between James McCloud and Tiberi during their Cornerian Flight Academy (hereafter CFA) days. Tiberi's tension with Aban was worse than the rivalry she had with James by a fair amount. James and Tiberi were never the cocky sort of fliers, though they had their bitterness. Aban, however, was a cocky and rather arrogant individual and joining the Cornerian Army did not help him. He kept to order and rank, but still held onto everything that would get him into trouble.

During the war Aban happened upon Tiberi, who had gained mass notoriety for her deadly skill and no-survivor tendencies. He never was able to best her in CFA, and during war he didn't either. Tiberi offered him one chance to flee, as he was still her fellow student. Aban denied this chance and it cost him.

He had to eject via the cockpit pod.

And in fashion, Tiberi did not let him have the chance to escape like many pilots, military and mercenary, would. She hunted him down as he crawled from his wrecked pod, a mere shadow of the person he used to be. For once, Aban realized his err. It was too late. She shot him when he couldn't defend himself to ensure he'd never do something stupid again.

When the black box of Aban's fighter was recovered, the last message from Tiberi was this:

"Don't make me kill another one of my former classmates because they think they could have outflown James. "

James was the only classmate capable of keeping up and at times surpassing Tiberi. The two were an almost an even match despite not being the closest of friends. It's unknown why the two didn't associate casually with each other, and neither ever had romantic interests in the other. They simply did not easily get along from day one. By the time Tiberi killed Aban, James was all ready quite dead for several years.

Tiberi was known for her ruthlessness, especially during the time between the original Star Fox team and the second. Many never saw any softness in her, but upon finding the picture of Aban's son with the words "My Promise" written thereunder she took the picture with her and quietly left the battlefield. Aban was moderately an idiot when it came to flying, but at one point she did have a vague interest in the cocky bastard.

A large sum of credits appeared in Mrs. Mkinrou's bank account from an undisclosed source. It was blood money Tiberi paid as compensation for killing Aban.


Further notations.

When most people create a Starfox character, they tend to make them somehow connected to, or blood-related to the McCloud Family. This is not the case with Tiberi Kan. Likewise, fans will try to fit in with what is established as canon. This is also somewhat not the case with Tiberi Kan.

She was created before the release of Starfox Adventures, Starfox Assault, and Starfox Command. For all purposes, the events of these games did not originally exist within Tiberi's canon primarily because of the time period Tiberi was the most active. They have been added in on her timeline to fit with what I've established: [link]

Tiberi's canon is a mesh of the following:

The Benimaru Itoh comic.
SNES Starfox.
The unreleased Starfox 2.
And some elements of Starfox 64.

Tiberi was also created in a different imagining of the Starfox Universe all together, being brought to a more down-to-earth level and is best described as, while progressive in its technology, a very lived-in structure. Andross never becomes a giant floating head with hands, but instead relies on a Wizard of Oz like image to command and terrorize Lylat. The cleanliness of technology as seen in the later games is entirely gone.

Furthermore, there's no Krystal. Primarily, this is because I never focused on Tiberi's life after Andross's initial defeat by Fox McCloud. It's possible she could appear in Tiberi's canon, but the entire Dinosaur Planet storyline would not fit with the realistic tones of Tiberi's canon at all. If a planet ended up that torn apart, it would likely have killed everything on it.

Tiberi's canon is the Starfox Universe how I would have imagined it, despite her being a side character in comparison to the main cast everyone knows and loves. This is a very dirty take on the continuum, mostly because of the type of individual Tiberi is.

For example, Star Fox and Star Wolf may shoot at each other, sometimes try to kill each other, and do horrible things to each other while in the process of possibly trying to kill each other, but they never pull through with it likely because of a battlefield respect. They try, but they don't try hard enough to actually take lives with each other.

Tiberi was not like minded to either of these teams. While she believed in battlefield respect, engaging her or being engaged by her in battle meant you fought for your life. She will not stop until you are dead or until she has to flee herself. She's an entirely different class of mercenary; if you're not ready to kill or be killed, then you shouldn't be on the battlefield in the first place. She had the same philosophy in flight academy, and her determination to pull extremes with her trainer crafts made her a rival to James McCloud. The two did not get along because of her willingness to put fellow students in danger. As mentioned before, her mentality while in flight academy was as such: graduates will run into flyers like her, who will perform bizarre, unorthodox, and utterly insane maneuvers to best you. If you're not ready to face that, then you shouldn't be flying in the military.

She flew for Venom. Despite her battlefield philosophy, she never engaged Star Fox during the war, and refused to when asked. Despite her rivalry with James, the two only knew each other as fellow students bitterly at best yet never making snide remarks to each other. Tiberi never admitted she had a secret respect for James, which was the reason why she refused to engage the second Star Fox team headed by Fox. It was her only exception to her default battlefield philosophy.


Other Notations of Tiberi's life until the Arspace Dynamics Massacre.

#1. Tiberi Kan is old enough to be Fox McCloud's mother, having been born around the same time as his mother, give or take a year...and many AU (Astronomical Units).

#2. Contrary to where you mind may go with this, she is not related to Vixy Reinard McCloud nor is she Vixy Reinard McCloud under an assumed name. Nor is she a clone created by Andross after Vixy's death in the car bomb that was meant for James. She is not related to James or Fox, at all.

#3. Her birth planet is undocumented. She has no birth records for Corneria, but attended the Cornerian Flight Academy. Her original motivation was to become a starship designer, which included the knowledge and experience of flying. She was in the same class as James, and often rivaled him during examinations.

#4. It is unknown if she graduated from the Academy, as her records indicate she did graduate but the Academy's official word is that she did not. Yet Arspace Dynamics, the company that designed and built the Arwing fighter, proclaims she did graduate as she would not have been hired by the company without the degrees, and there is no other Academy she has ever been known to attend. Despite this, even, the Cornerian Defense Force and Cornerian Army likewise claim she never graduated. With the confusion of if she did or not being confirmed and unconfirmed many times over, only Tiberi knows for sure if she did, in fact, graduate.

#5. Tiberi's position with Arspace Dynamics involved the prototypes that immediately came before the development of the Arwing I, and the Arwing I itself. She spent her time at Arspace Dynamics working on two specific models of Arwing prior to the reports concerning Venom's strange activity. One of these models went into production, becoming the Arwings used by Star Fox. The other model, FX114-A, was a prototype regarded as too dangerous for market, requiring more development in the testing field.

#6. Tiberi gained an amount of fame as a test pilot and, like Vixy, caught the attentions of Andross though those attentions were not as pronounced as with Vixy. When Andross' experiments resulted in a major district of Corneria City being destroyed, she didn't shun or chastise the fallen genius as the majority did. Tiberi knew the ethics of Andross were largely questionable, but having been a long time admirer of his work, she believed his experiments were instead in uncharted territory regarding ethics.

#7. Tiberi kept her own thoughts regarding Andross quiet from the public. While the exile to Venom left people to mark Andross as finished, Tiberi's bitterness about the entire ordeal lead her to start considering things she normally didn't. When the first signs of strange activity on Venom first hit the news, she was eager for learning as to why.

#8. A mysterious contact informed Tiberi that Andross was alive not too long before the Star Fox mission to Venom. Five years of bitterness finally built up to resentment for Cornerian officials exiling Andross to such a horrid place. She was given proof of his existence, and made the decision to leave Corneria, but not without a bang. Tiberi has long hidden her war-like mindset regarding life in general, but now she had an excuse to release it. One month before the ill-fated Star Fox mission, she began plotting her own betrayal of Corneria, keeping every detail in her head, and that of her mysterious contact.


The Assault on Arspace Dynamics Orbital Station.

18:00. Tiberi was the last worker to leave the FX114-A hangar. Weapon systems were covertly armed, and 2 nova bombs designated for testing field were loaded into the payload bay. This went unnoticed on CCTV.

18:40. Tiberi visited the head of her department. Her first murder. She set up his personal computer to transmit an electronic notification to the employees of Arspace Dynamics--the ones she favored the most--to leave the station by 23:00 hours, under the guise of a sudden, unexpected meeting arranged for the next day in Corneria City. Rigged explosives under the desk to detonate at 01:00. Locked the doors.

19:15. Tiberi visits security central. Kills staff, rigs CCTV to endless loops. Erases past 24 hours of data. Locked doors. Lax security policy on board the station never realized this happened.

20:00. Tiberi attended her final dinner as a law-abiding Corenian citizen and employee of Arspace Dynamics.

20:30. Tiberi is last seen with her fellow employees, the ones who received the notification. As the notice involved a project Tiberi was not working on, she bid them farewell and asked to hear about the meeting upon their return.

21:15. Tiberi checks containers newly brought in for the cargo she was expecting from her unknown contact.

21:45. Tiberi returns to her quarters with a new briefcase. Inside it is a holster, a blaster, flashbangs, and nerve pills. She rests until 22:58 and receives notification the shuttle to Corneria with her co-workers departed at 23:03.

23:03 - 00:30. Tiberi sits in silent contemplation after taking the nerve pills, which ease her body and mind to a state of emotional stability for the pending chaos.


01:00. The bomb in the head's office detonates. Time-release locks on the containers she checked at 21:15 release bio-engineered, disposable monsters into the station.

01:17. Tiberi sends an emergency transmission from a random terminal, putting on a sincere act of distress after exposing herself to fire, smoke and slamming herself into walls to make herself look the part. The transmission ends mid-sentence with her crying for help. To the recipients, the chaos cut the feed. In truth, she cut it herself.

01:17 - 01:45. Chaos explodes across the entire station as Tiberi fights her way to the FX114-A hangar, killing everyone she encounters--while putting on the act of being in utter panic and "unable" to distinguish friend from foe. This act is put on should anyone onboard the station survive and recall her role in the incident--that of an individual manipulated by a possible nerve-based weapon.

01:53 - 01:56. Cornerian forces and rescue services reach the station, but all docking bays and airlocks for boarding are damaged by the unfolding massacre. Tiberi reaches the FX114-A hangar to find desperate personal awaiting potential rescue. She ignores them, proceeds straight to the FX114-A, and prepares for take off. One member tries to call her out as crazy. Now that she has what she wants, Tiberi drops the panic act, which terrifies the few survivors. She is not worried about them because they'll be dead quite soon.

01:57. Tiberi launches from hangar, in the process killing the personel when she blasts the bay doors open. During her launch, she back-fires a nova bomb into the complex, setting off a chain reaction--the rest of the nova bombs in stock likewise explode.The force of take off nearly causes her to blackout, but she successfully flies off into space, unnoticed as the entire station falls to pieces.

The official Cornerian word about the Arspace Dynamics Incident is as thus:

The head of the department was a Venomian spy, confirmed by investigation. Tiberi Kan was officially labeled as Deceased by Cornerian officials, her body having disappeared under the assumption of it being incinerated. The FX114-A was considered a lost cause as a result of the station's destruction and the project never again saw the light of day. As a result of this breach in security, Arspace Dynamics put a hold on all Arwing development in order to retool its security measures. This led to a temporary stop to the production of Arwings, one of the reasons why the fighters are not that common among planetary military forces.

At the time, Tiberi possessed the most advanced next-gen Arwing prototype. Had it reached production, it would have officially become the Arwing II. The later-produced Arwing II was delayed for several decades as a result. The FX114-A, even then, still retains moderate superiority over the official Arwing, particularly in its cockpit design. Unlike the Arwing I and Arwing II, the FX114-A's cockpit is entirely hidden, making the craft look more like an Arwing Drone as opposed to an actual fighter. The technology conceals the pilot through blending the outer surface of the canopy with the fuselage. The pilot, however, has a full, uninterupted view. Tiberi was the designer the FX114-A's concealed cockpit and despite efforts to replicate her achievement, Arspace Dynamics has been unable to produce a working replacement for a ship so small.

As for the fall of Andross, Tiberi's whereabouts have been unknown ever since.

Some say she retired.

Some say she died.

Some say she lives among Cornerians in secret.

And some noted of her last known appearance that despite nearing her 50's and 60's, she still retains her youthfull looks of her 30's. Rumor has it Andross gave her life extension through his skill in biotech. From her initial betrayal of Corneria, in which she instigated the most deadly ortibal massacre (of civilian nature) in Cornerian history (See Arspace Dynamics Orbital Station below) to the final hours of the war, Tiberi was never known to have any lovers. If she did, she kept them well hidden.

Tiberi, Aban (c) TheSual.
Starfox Universe (c) Nintendo.
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